trashVoorhees Trash Can Cleaning

The concept of cleaning trash cans as a service is fairly new to the USA, although it has become well established in Europe over the past decade.  At the time of writing this we are the first and only company to offer this service in New Jersey

Why do you need to have your trash can cleaned regularly? A trash can left unclean is a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and insect larvae, all of which can spread disease such as Salmonella, E-Coli, and other Bacterial diseases.  When insects are allowed to breed in a dirty trash can, their migratory nature can spread germs into your home.

By the way, that bad odor emitting from your trash can is the gas given off by bacteria living happily on the surfaces of your trash can – we are the solution to this problem!

Our affordable and convenient service takes the worry away and gives your trash can the most thorough clean it can get, using ultra high pressure jets and special bio-degradable cleaning solution.  This cleans off the grime, which is what the bacteria thrives on.

Have you been avoiding cleaning your trash can?

A few reasons to use regular Trash Can Cleaning service:

  • Your trashcan will remain clean and sanitary
  • Your trashcan will be odor free
  • Your trashcan will stay clear of bacteria and bugs (and won’t attract them either!)

Our Trash Can Cleaning Professionals are Uniformed and fully insured.

Note:  It is environmentally responsible to have us clean your trash can and take the waste water away for disposal into an approved water treatment facility.

We only use Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable cleaning products.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service we will return to correct the issue before your next garbage collection cycle.

Please call to inquire about Monthly, Bi- Monthly, and One Time Cleanings.

Which Trash Can would you rather come home to?