New Sparkling Windows clients will receive a $10 credit toward service when they submit their quote request using the New Client Quote Request form and upload pictures of their home. This offer is only available to new clients.

Why would a new Sparkling Windows client use this form?

  • Faster Quote
  • Save $10
  • Biggest No Brainer In The History Of The World!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take Photos Of House
    Take photos of the house. Using your phone or digital camera, take pictures of all sides of your house that have windows that need cleaning. Please make sure all windows on each side of the home are visible. If you need to take more than four pictures, that is fine.

    The home in this example has no windows on the 4th side, so only 3 photos were necessary.

  2. Fill Out The New Client Quote Request Form
    Give us your name, address, phone, email, and upload your pictures!
  3. We provide the quote and schedule your cleaning!
    You receive a $10 credit toward your cleaning service!

**This offer is for new clients only.** Not that we don’t love our current clients, but we already know how many windows you have at your house! Click here to see special offers available to current clients!

New Client Quote Request

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