Items in your home experience everyday wear and tear that can leave them looking dirty, especially if these items spend most of their days outside being exposed to the elements. As the years go by, you may decide it’s time to trade up for a newer and cleaner looking model. However, instead of spending your hard-earned money on a newer version of something that works perfectly fine, why not call the experts at Sparkling Windows?

At Sparkling Windows, we don’t just clean your windows, we also provide expert pressure washing services! Scrubbing your outdoor appliances, playgrounds, and fences may have only resulted in frustration that you are wasting your efforts to no avail. Luckily, your belongings can look almost good as new with pressure washing from Sparkling Windows. If you’re curious about how our pressure washing services can change the appearance of your household items, give us a call at 856-200-8690 today!

Pressure Washing

Not many people are aware of the amazing results that a pressure washer can produce. Much like the name suggests, pressure washing uses water in targeted streams that are extremely pressurized. The pressure allows for the water to strip away dirt that has built up over the years. The difference is absolutely astounding. Pressure washing is a great option for driveways, fences, playgrounds, and more items that spend time outside and gather dirt more than other items in your home. Most often, homeowners use pressure washing for their driveways, but pressure washing can be used for so much more!


If you have children and a large backyard, chances are you have some sort of playground or outdoor equipment to keep your little ones entertained. Unfortunately, these larger sets are hard to bring inside when it starts to rain or when the weather changes. As a result, your playground equipment can quickly become dirty and unsightly. While your children may not care, caked-on dirt is not something you want your child to be playing in. With a pressure washer, you can easily say goodbye to years of dirt and grime, leaving your children with an almost brand-new looking playground.


There’s nothing better than grilling up a steak or burger on your outdoor grill. However, much like your oven or stovetop, your grill will become covered in leftover grease and charred meat. Cleaning your indoor kitchen appliances is easy, and you probably try to clean them at least once a week. Your outdoor appliances, on the other hand, may go months or years without a proper cleaning. Pressure washing can easily cut through build-ups of grease and ashes and charred food. Give your grill the cleaning it needs!

Outdoor Furniture

In addition to grilling food in your backyard, one of the best parts of the warmer months is lounging on the patio in a comfy chair. Outdoor furniture serves an important purpose when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. While some people have the space to move their outdoor furniture inside during the winter, that may not be an option for everyone. Outdoor furniture is built to last, but that doesn’t mean it won’t become dirty after being exposed to the elements year-round. Lucky for you, the experts at Sparkling Windows have the pressure washing equipment to clean up your outdoor furniture after a long winter.

If you think you could benefit from our pressure washing services, contact the experts at Sparkling Windows. Not only do we provide Top Rated Local® Voorhees window washing, but we also offer our expertise with pressure washing, deck washing, and more! Contact Sparkling Windows now.